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specializing in government service

est. 1995

Weekly Spotlight

This busy high school was tired of replacing the same stair treads over and over due to heavy use. We upgraded them to the Roppe rubber stair treads with Kevlar (the same material used in bullet proof vests). This extra durability is guaranteed for 25 years which is several generations of high school students to pass through.

Adrienne Floorcovering is a full service commercial floorcovering company, and specialize in working with government end-users.  We partner with flooring manufacturers on the Department of Management Services (DMS) term contracts.  These contracts provide government entities like K-12 public schools, city and county governments, and state colleges the ability to purchase all their floorcovering needs under the legal provisions of these contracts.  You can read more about the DMS contracts here.

These contracts are price pre-negotiated, guaranteeing the end user a complete turn key flooring project at the lowest possible prices.  Working with all of the manufacturers, we can provide the product that fits your specific needs, not limiting you to one manufacturer's product line.  Adrienne Floorcovering was established in 1995 and since inception has specialized in working with government entities. 

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