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Library Services

One of Adrienne Floorcovering's specialties is flooring replacement for libraries of all sizes, but did you know we also provide moving services for library bookshelves? Adrienne Floorcovering has the ability to move standard library bookshelves, up to 30' long, without having to touch the books themselves!


If you work in a library, you know what a hassle it is to move shelves around. First you have to take one or more employees away from their normal duties, or find a team of volunteers you can trust to be organized.  Then comes the hard part, removing the books, relocating them somewhere temporarily, disassembling the shelves, keeping the parts intact, moving them to their new location, putting them back together, and then getting the books back on the shelves in the right order.  That's a lot of effort, and it can take days or even weeks to wrap up the process of moving literally thousands of pounds of books!

Instead, let Adrienne personnel handle the entire process for you, rearranging multiple rows of stacks in just a few hours.  Whether you need shelves moved to replace flooring, perform some other type of renovation, or just want to relocate stacks for a fresh look or to repurpose space within your library, Adrienne Floorcovering is here to help.  We can totally rearrange your library's layout in a short amount of time and with a minimum amount of disruption to your normal operations and customers.

No job is too big! Adrienne replaced all the carpeting in this 25,000 Square Foot Library!

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