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Flooring Replacement

Adrienne team members are experts at solving problems before they start and identifying opportunities that might go unnoticed.  We save costs, increase efficiencies, and remove obstacles.  Our management team is highly experienced in managing both small and the complexity of large scale projects.  Adrienne Floorcovering team members are a valuable resource, providing a unique floorcovering experience to our customers.  Our services include:

  • budgeting

  • product specification

  • field measurements

  • estimating

  • procurement, receiving, storage, and delivery of materials

  • scheduling crew and performing professional installation, and

  • on site supervision

Your project coordinator will be provided with a complete job proposal to be presented to your purchasing department for a purchase order.  After receipt of a purchase order, Adriennne Floorcovering personnel willl work with the floorcovering manufacturer's contract specialists to facilitate ordering materials to ship to Adrienne Floorcovering's warehouse. From there work crews are scheduled for installation to begin.  Our project coordinators will start the crews at your job site.  Most of our work is performed after normal working hours and weekends.  We specialize in extremely difficult floorcovering removals, all old floorcovering materials are disposed of by us, cubicle systems and heavily compacted offices of furniture are not a problem for us.

Flooring Repair

Here at Adrienne we understand that not every job means scrapping the old floor and replacing it with something new.  Perhaps the budget doesn't exist for full scale replacement or a repair is too small to replace the entire surface.  Luckily we excel at extending the life of existing floors, and are experts at repairing small issues like gouges and tears in flooring of all types.

Trip hazards are a specific problem you can't afford to ignore. If your building has a rip, tear, or wrinkle that might cause someone to get injured, you need to take care of that as fast as possible!  Call Adrienne Floorcovering and we can make sure your floor's defects are repaired before they expose you to bigger problems down the road.

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